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Window Washing, our Flagship Service

Window Washing is the service that started this business! Everything about our window washing process, from the fluid we use on the windows, to the protective measures we take to protect your furnishings, is original to our company. 

We use a toxin-free, homemade window washing solution on the windows. It consists of detergent-free dish washing liquid, vinegar and water. That's it! Nothing is used that would be harmful to people, pets or plants.

Our price reflects our quality. Our price is inclusive and includes the windows, sills, screens and trim. It has been our customer's experience that, in the end, our final price is worth the value. Oftentimes, a customer will ask us, "Are you going to remove the leaves and dead bugs from the window sill, or do I have to do that?" NEVER will any customer have to vacuum their own window sills when Sharkey Shines is on the job!

You may get a lower estimate up front, but then extra charges are added to your bill when you hire other window washing companies. We have heard this from many customers, and this is not the way we like to do business or serve our customers. We give you the best! In addition, all employees either remove their shoes or wear shoe covers inside your home, and a drop cloth is used in front of or under every window we clean. Fresh, clean window washing solution is sprayed on your interior windows. We do not work out of a bucket inside our customer's homes.

Some times customers get nervous when rain is in the forecast. We understand your concern. We have adopted the following policy regarding rain cancellations. We think you'll agree that it makes a lot of sense:


It is our policy to not take cancellations the day before the appointment due to rain in the forecast. We have this policy because we have spent many sunny days at home, not working, because the meteorologist got it wrong!

It is our policy to take each day as it comes. If heavy downpours or an electrical storm are present the morning of your appointment, we will gladly reschedule. If only light showers are present the morning of your appointment, we will show up as scheduled, as we can work in these conditions. If the weather turns for the worse while we are at your house, we will come inside, finish the interior windows, then schedule a time to come out to finish the exterior.

We want your experience with Sharkey Shines to be a happy one, so we'll do whatever we can to make you happy!

Window Washing is great for every occasion!

Whether its preparing a home to go on the market or to host a family wedding, window washing will make sure your house is shown in it's best light!

Other great times/reasons to have window washing done are:

Birthday Parties

Holiday Gatherings

Bridal Showers



Move in/Move out cleanings

Guests coming!

We Value Our Quality

It is always our position not to compromise our quality because that is what sets Sharkey Shines above the rest. It is our mission to provide the very best quality the industry has to offer at a fair price. We have been asked to alter our process and lower the quality of our work in order to lower the price. We won't do it. In the end our reputation would suffer. Our price reflects our quality. The minimum level of quality is perfection. 

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