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Real Estate Cleaning

Don't try to sell your home "as is". There are two reasons you want to have your home detail cleaned for real estate sale:

1. Your house will sell faster.

Did you know that according to a survey by the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, 95% of properly staged and cleaned homes sell in 23 days or less, on average? So make sure your home is shown in its best condition; have it cleaned by Sharkey Shines!

2. You will get your asking price...or even more!

When it comes to selling your home, it must be in pristine condition. It has been our experience that homeowners who have their real estate cleaning done by Sharkey Shines not only get their asking price, but depending on the market, get offered $10K over their asking price!

We are the detail cleaning specialists that 94% of our customers have recommended to their friends and family.  

The experts at Sharkey Shines LLC deliver quality, trust, and attentiveness each and every day. We have modeled our business to meet the needs of our clients. This is the main reason we added carpet cleaning to our services. We wanted to be your one-stop shop for all your cleaning needs, and now, we are! And our cleaning process not only cleans the house, but also enhances the overall appearance of the whole house. We service the entire five-county area surrounding Philadelphia, PA!

  • Whether it's Real Estate Cleaning to prepare for an Open House, an estate cleaning for an elder law attorney, a Move in/Move out cleaning, our cleaning team will make everything look sparkling clean!
  • Sharkey Shines works closely with many real estate agents, elder law attorneys and property managers in the Delaware Valley and Main Line to ensure that properties going on the market for Open House are showroom ready. We have the techniques and tools to make old, dirty bathrooms and kitchens look like new! 
  • One of our areas of expertise is in removing limescale and calcium build-up on fixtures, tile, sinks and tubs. We use several different approaches to remove the build-up, depending on the surface and the severity of the problem. Even if it's not possible to remove all limescale or calcium from a particular surface, we can still greatly improve the appearance of these surfaces with the techniques and products that we use.
  • We do detailed move in cleanings to make sure that new residents are greeted with a beautiful home and a light, pleasant frangrance when they walk through the front door. New residents don't want to see or smell any remnants of the previous owner when they move in. Having the carpets cleaned is a great way to eliminate pet odors!
  • Another niche Sharkey Shines fills is apartment or condominium Move in Move out cleanings. These are very helpful, especially in multi-unit complexes. We work with property managers to make sure the unit is ready for the new resident to move in, cleaning inside all cabinets and drawers, vanities and pantries to make sure the lessee can safely put all their belongings away when they move in. The better the property looks, the better will be the tenant who moves in.
  • What’s better than the trust of our customers who say they would refer Sharkey Shines LLC? A 100% satisfaction guarantee that you’ll love us.
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