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Sharkey Shines LLC

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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

It all started with a lay-off!
Mike was laid off his middle management job at an auto part remanufacturing plant in August, 2000. He was escorted out of the building after working there for six years by someone whom he considered to be a friend. Because they gave him a good severance package and the ability to collect unemployment, Mike had plenty of time to think about what he would do next. He also had the time to read a book that had been given to him by the owner of his previous job, "Acres of Diamonds", by Russell Conwell, founder of Temple University.  It was this book that inspired him to start Sharkey Shines!

Loretta works in the field with the team, at times, and does everything except climb tall extension ladders. She also does a lot of behind the scenes work, such as writing this website and keeping it up to date.  Loretta also does the email and social media marketing for the business.
For each new job, Loretta develops a custom cleaning plan and supply list.

Loretta's true passion, however, is healthy eating a plant-based lifestyle. She is an excellent plant-based chef and success coach. If you are interested in starting a plant-based lifestyle, complete the contact information under "contact us".

Mike and Loretta have been married for 33 years and have two sons, Ross and Tevin, whom they adopted when they were 5 and 4 years old, respectively. They are both Christians, and are very active in their church, True Vine Church Community. Mike is the Head Deacon, Loretta is a Deaconess, and both he and Loretta hold a Discipleship group in their home each week. They are both also short-term missionaries to Haiti. Their last trip was in August, 2018. Next year, their son, Ross, will be the team leader for the trip to Haiti!
Pictured to the right is the Sharkey Family, which will be added to in a few weeks from this writing! Amanda is due with our second granddaughter on October 2, 2018. We will keep you posted with an update when she arrives!
Pictured from left to right: Tevin, Amanda, Loretta, Mike, and Ross, and Sophia, our only grandchild, in the middle.

Ross Sharkey

Mike and Loretta's son, Ross' attention to detail is very high, and he is a great asset to the business. As a youth, Ross had the opportunity to be a sports ambassador with People to People. He traveled to Amsterdam to play soccer. Ross is also a youth leader at True Vine Church Community. He also travels with his parents to Haiti, and will heading up the team when they return next summer.

Terrance Stansbury
Terrance Stansbury is a great member of our team. He has a willing spirit and servant attitude. Terrance puts a lot of energy and enthusiasm into his work. He shows great promise as a future leader with Sharkey Shines, LLC. 

Our Newest Team Member

Our newest team member is Dianna Anderson. Dianna has been hired as our new office assistant. Her duties include scheduling appointments, email and social media marketing, post-card marketing and customer service. She has a very pleasant phone voice and is great at multi-tasking. Dianna is also an active member of True Vine Church Community, and is a co-leader of the Women's Ministry Team.

The Sharkey Shines' team anticipates the opportunity to earn your trust and to deliver the best service in the industry.