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New Equipment and services to serve you BETTER!

Sharkey Shines is proud to announce three new services to our menu, and that we now have our own professional carpet cleaning equipment!

 - SoftWash Powerwashing - great for streaky roofs or stucco!
 - Hydro Boost Tile Cleaning gets your grout back to it's original color!
 - The Nautilus MX3-1200 will steam your carpets CLEAN!
 - Floor stripping and waxing are also available for commercial applications!

For 18 years, Sharkey Shines LLC has been serving homeowners, realtors, and contractors in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley. And now we are equipped with new equipment to serve them even better! Not only that, but we have also added commercial cleaning services, as well!
Our staff is well-trained to provide all our services: 
  - heavy duty house cleaning, now including nicotine, pet and pest odor removal!
  - window washing
  - carpet cleaning 
  - chandelier cleaning
  - post-construction cleaning
  - power washing
  - gutter cleaning
  - real estate and estate cleaning 
  - tile cleaning 
  - floor stripping and waxing
  - SoftWash Powerwashing
Sharkey Shines LLC knows how inconvenient it can be to hire different companies to do various jobs. That's why we've just added all these new services! Sharkey Shines does it all. And, on top of that, Sharkey Shines LLC is a highly reputable, fully licensed and insured business located in Philadelphia, PA. Certificates of insurance are always provided upon request.

We not only guarantee your needs will be met, but Sharkey Shines, LLC makes it our mission to exceed your expectations! We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, which not only improves and enhances the appearance of your home, but helps to maintain the integrity and condition of your home.

  • heavy duty house cleaning
    heavy duty house cleaning
  • heavy duty house cleaning
    heavy duty house cleaning
  • Our new van!
    Our new van!
  • heavy duty house cleaning
    heavy duty house cleaning
heavy duty house cleaning
heavy duty house cleaning

     Chandelier Cleaning - every

crystal hand-wiped to perfection!

Carpet Cleaning Philadelphia

  Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal

Tile Floor Cleaning Philadelphia

Tile Floor Cleaning