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Sharkey Shines LLC

Give us a call and we'll "squeegee" you in!
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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

It all started back in August, 2000 when Mike got laid off his job in middle management in a remanufacturing company in Philadelphia. He now had plenty of time to think about his next move, as he had received a generous severance package from his former employer. Mike had reinvented himself in the past, and now it was time to do it again.
The former president of Cardone Industries had given a book to all their leaders called "Acres of Diamonds" by Russell Conwell, the founder and president of Temple University. Acres of Diamonds was actually a speech Conwell had delivered over 6,000 times in his career! The speech/book tells several tales with the same moral: Your acres of diamonds are in your own back yard, and your fortune is so close you can't see it!
When Mike read this book, he took it literally, and went over to his kitchen window which faced the rear of the house. As he looked down his driveway, all he saw were windows. He got an idea.
He came to Loretta and said he was interested in doing window washing, and asked her if she knew how he could find out if people were interested in having their windows washed. She suggested that he take out a classified ad in the local newspaper. They got their answer; the phone rang off the hook! They didn't know how to wash windows, but they had customers!
And so this 17-year journey began! Never in a million years could Mike have imagined the success that Sharkey Shines would have in the following years. But he trusted that God had a plan for his life, and would be faithful in providing for him and his family. God hasn't failed him yet.

We are a family-owned & operated business

The above picture was taken on a Mission trip to Haiti in July, 2017. Pictured are Ross, Loretta and Mike Sharkey. They also have another son, Tevin, who lives in Idaho with his wife, Amanda and daughter, Sophia.
Also working for Sharkey Shines is Terrance Stansbury and Dianna Anderson. Terrance (pictured below washing windows) works in the field, and does everything from gutter cleaning to house cleaning. Dianna (pictured below) is our office assistant who gets our supplies ready for the day's work and schedules estimates and interviews with potential clients. Both Terrance and Dianna are close friends of the family, and are very valued and appreciated.