Enjoy your Summer Vacation even MORE!

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Enjoy your Summer Vacation even MORE!

How would you like to come home from vacation to a CLEAN HOUSE??!! Wouldn't that be AWESOME!?

Well, it can happen! And we can make it happen for you! Sharkey Shines will come and clean your home while you are away on vacation!

We know how hectic it can be right before you go on vacation; packing, planning, shopping, boarding pets, etc. Cleaning your house is the LAST thing on your mind! But, it's the FIRST thing on OUR mind!

The Sharkey Shines' team will come to your home with all our toxin-free cleaning products and clean your home from top to bottom! All employees are bonded and insured, and I (Loretta Sharkey, Owner) am on EVERY cleaning job that we do. I don't just stop by; I WORK on every customer's home that we have, and take full responsibility for all the work performed in your home! We have earned the trust and respect of hundreds of customers, so you can rest assured that your home is safe in our capable hands!

So, why not give yourself a DOUBLE vacation this year? First, go away and have a blast with your family on vacation; then get to rest again when you come home to an already clean house!

Dirt can't hide from Sharkey Shines!  Give us a call and we'll squeegee you in!

Loretta Sharkey
Chief Operating Officer
Sharkey Shines, LLC
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