Water, Water Everywhere

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Water, Water Everywhere

 Water, Water Everywhere

    I turned my head to the left and gazed at the never ending sea of blue water and debris. The crystal blue water seemed to fight against the griminess of the debris and trash. “It’s amazing” my brother’s broke against the stillness of the morning. “The water has never been this clear” he muttered in amazement. His eye brows slouched down as his brain tried to find a reason.
It was 2200 and the end of the world.
You might’ve imagined the end of the world to look barren, dry, filled with empty nuclear devices and charred craters in the ground. No, no. It was nothing like that. The world was almost beautiful, covered with clear water more then 10 stories high. It was surrounded in the very thing that represents life. I looked to my right at the shadow of New York City. I could still make out the tips of some buildings, but the way the water ate at the roofs and siding was sickening. It looked just too unreal to see the world this way. It changed you inside so much that if you didn’t deal with it in the right way, you could go completely insane. There were many who did. They refused to accept reality and you could see them swimming in vain, trying to find just that one patch of land that had to be out there. We saw them treading in the water until their spirits gave up and they sunk deeper and deeper, still waving their arms towards the sky. The water had risen high and kept rising, leaving the taxis and apartments behind. I shivered as I noticed a long pole jutting out above the water. It was the Empire State Building

    Somehow I grew use to the “new” look of everything. Yes I cried many tears for my family and friends. Accepting the fact that they were just as lost as me and that I would never see them again ravaged my heart for a long time. But I left it down there below the surface with the empty roads and lonely street lights. It’s been so long that I forgot how the flood even started and to tell the truth, I didn’t care. All I knew was that I still had my brother. My mind tracked back to the time when we struck an object with our little voyager. The boat was holding up pretty well with its strong metal frame and v8 engine. But when we heard that heart-shocking screech as we were thrown forward, the voyager just seemed to shrink. Its frame no longer seemed so strong and I suddenly felt a sense of despair, yet hope also lingered. What could make us feel that way? I looked up to see what we hit and gasped as I stared into a woman’s eyes. They were filled with sorrow but yet they were so strong, so powerful. My brother and I stood there for hours as we gazed into the eyes of the Statue of Liberty; remembering all that we had lost and what life was like before the end. We sat there, captivated as we felt tears that we thought were lost sprint down our faces. They seemed sharp enough to carve our faces anew.

 Seeing her like that brought back that intense depression, but also a flicker of hope. Finally we separated from her and started to drift away. I planted a kiss on her cheek as we floated onward. “It hasn’t defeated you yet, not yet,” I whispered to her with the last of my tears planted on her cheek. My brother got us out of there quick but it didn’t stop the image of her drowning, with her hand still held high under the water from entering my head. After that day, my brother and I had to see countless disturbing sites. Bodies floating in the water, kids, parents, and I can’t forget about the animals. The zoos of the world seemed to float by everyday. It was the unbearable when the bodies would bump against the voyager. One day we heard a noise like a mini motor. We quickly turned to look overboard and discovered that it was just one of those dolls that can swim when put in the water. Its arms were gone but its legs were still going full strength.
We saw the mayor pass by in his cruiser. Of course he didn’t stop to help us when his boat and food supply were twice as large.. He just whipped past, his white giant spraying us as his bull horn cried out, “Fellow citizens, I give you grave news that the president's helicopter crashed yesterday in the Pacific”. The voice paused and then almost an inaudible “God help us”. Those last words sounded so hollow and weak that they infuriated me. I knew that he was the mayor but looking at the world now he was just a regular man like me. The water eating up everything around us forced all men to be on the same level. But no, even after the world was imprisoned in water he couldn’t swallow his pride. I sat down to catch some sleep while my brother stared on until the cruiser was out of sight. So there we were. The days flowing by.Until fates hand dealt us our cards.

   The boat sputtered to a stop and it didn’t matter how much imagination one could use, I knew the boat wasn’t ever going to move again. The food was gone, along with the fresh water. My brother’s face had grown to look like my father’s. Wrinkles curled down from his forehead past his nose and tucked in near his chin. We sat looking at each other, too weak to say a word. We stared at the water around us and shook our feeble heads. It had been about 24 hours since we had our last gulp of water. The water around us was mixed with fresh, salt, and all other kinds of minerals. The underwater creatures had survived it but it made me extremely sick. Violently sick. “Water, water every where and not a drop to drink” I sobbed as I scratched an invisible itch on my head. “So whose going to eat who?” my brother asked. I looked into his smiling eyes and began to chuckle at his sick joke. And then we both burst into a fit of child-like giggles. We both calmed down after an hour or so, and we embraced. As I hugged my brother I looked out into the haze and saw what looked like 6 ships coming towards us and fast. My heart literally exploded out of my chest. “Look, look” I screamed. “Boats coming towards us, fast!” My brother turned and pointed his telescope towards the ships. “What kind of ships are they?” I asked with glee. My brother remained silent still looking into the telescope until I poked him. His smile starting to disappear. “They’re using the tipping maneuver” he whispered strangely, still looking. “Wait, what are you talking about, isn’t that a move that.........use to tip....” My throat seemed to collapse on itself as I fell back into the boat although I was never out of it. My heart cried out as it pounded and pounded blood through my veins at a speed so unbelievable I was sure they would burst. “Wh..., what kind of..... boats are they brother?” I still asked but my own voice reminded me of the mayor. He turned towards me with an eerie smile as huge tears raced down his face. A weird gurgling sound rose from his throat and I realized that he was laughing. Laughing while crying. His laughing turned into a mad high-pitched screeching that chilled my bones even more then when I thought of the Statue of Liberty. My heart couldn’t take it anymore. “What kind of boats?!?” I screamed as I shook him as hard as my body allowed. He looked up at me with unholy glee in his eyes and whispered,
“Killer whales”

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