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Sometimes the slogan, "A family serving families" can be taken further. Sharkey Shines loves they're families and local organizations such as the MS150. But we also have an awesome opportunity to serve at a place that got me to where I am today. Nueva Esperanza Charter, is a fairly new high school located in North Philly right on Huntington Park Ave. I enrolled there my senior year and it was the best decision that my parents could of ever made with me. The school is focused on the education and development of its student's skills in such an amazing way. The requirements and strict disciplinary structure of Esperanza is what turned me into a successful student. Being a prominent figure during my senior year, the school knew that my father was a window washer and created his own business. It was such a great opportunity to talk to the administrators and work out a deal to do the outside of their windows. My dad and I did the job alone in about four days. We power washed and cleaned the windows in the front and back. The school was overjoyed at how the clean windows enhanced the appearance of the school. We were just recently called back to do them again this summer! Just a couple days ago, my dad and I worked on the windows; and will be there again on Tuesday to finish the job. Sharkey Shines believes in top-notch quality in every job and professional integrity with every customer. We gained Esperanza's trust and created an unbreakable bond with their staff. Were looking forward to creating more bonds and relationships as we work to make the world a better place... one window at a time.
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