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Taking Initiative

Whether you are a school teacher, restaurant owner, painter, fry cook, or entrepreneur, What ever your profession or current occupation, you will not reach your goals without initiative. This world runs on energy alone. Solar energy highlights our skies and breathes life into all creatures of the earth. Water, and fire are both forms of natural energy that this world would be crippled without. Just like natural energy, the work that we as humans put forth is just as important. Imagine the world as a huge suit and we are the tailors, making sure that we sew our own special stitch into the beautiful project we call life. Without the citizens working hard everyday to survive and live happily, America would be no more. Whether the economy is in the slumps or the highs, we need to take our own initiative and be assertive. We can say that there are no jobs left or that there is no hope, but until we have exhausted every option and every bit of energy to change our future, we have not done enough and have only ourselves to blame. That is why I have deep respect for Mike Sharkey, Founder of Sharkey Shines LLC. I have respect for him because when his future was thrown in the dark by circumstances that our country was going through, he decided to take initiative. He could of whined and complained, and he had every reason to, but instead he began to pray and brainstorm on what move he would make next so that he could feed his family. Mike and Loretta saw some light in the dark and they kept their eyes on it until they were free from doubt and distress. The journey took them to some of their most exhausting days, but they persevered and created the untouchable company that Sharkey Shines is today. They took initiative.
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