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Memories Made and in the Making

Working for Sharkey Shines has created many memories for me. In fact, most of the memories that I think of when I am feeling down, are ones filled with the sounds of squeegees and laughter. Sharkey Shines knows how to have a great time on the job. Being professional is very important, but one thing that many companies forget is that you have to have fun. How could you continue to do a job well everytime if you are not even enjoying what you are doing? Sharkey Shines loves to make those windows shine and that is why we enjoy a couple of laughs around the work site. I can recall memories of hearing my mom's bloodcurling screams from the tormenting bugs outside (she works inside now), to the hilarious droppings of ladders. Sharkey Shines believes that it is important to create positive memories with its customers because good memories are never forgotten. It is a positive way to look at life. You have a certain amount of time on this earth and as the years pass, memories are born every single day. Some can be small, while others can be fairly significant. It is true that you cannot change the past, or erase those memories that hurt even until this day, but you can shape your own future and choose what memories you will dwell on in the present. We believe that every job we do can be looked at as a new memory. One that could be a great, or one that we would  want to forget. The choice is up to us. Through hard work and unity, Sharkey Shines has created countless memories with their customers that can be cherished for a life time.
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