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A Day in the Life

Even some of most powerful businesses would be rendered useless without one simple thing; process. Every business has a process that they have to follow in order to run efficiently and smoothly. Without creating and following certain processes, Sharkey Shines could not be the company it is today! But besides cleaning windows, we follow many other processes that allow us to get the job done right. Let us take a look at a typical day for the Sharkey Shines crew and see how getting through a simple day can be a whole process in itself. Mike and Loretta are usually in bed and peacefully asleep by nine or ten at night and they have a good reason to be. They are up and working by four or five in the morning. We believe that a day started with the word of God and some exercise is a great day to serve others. After some reading and hard work in the gym, Sharkey Shines is getting ready for the day. Loretta is already on the task of finding directions to the job site and informing the customer of when we will be there. Loretta has awesome skills in figuring out quick routes where traffic is light so Sharkey Shines can arrive on time. Meanwhile, Mike is packing up the truck for that day's job. With a mental checklist, he can decide what tools are necessary for that day. Lisa arrives on time and the Sharkey  Shines team is ready to go. They arrive at the job and Loretta goes to talk to the customer and set up for cleaning windows indoors with Lisa. Me and my dad set up the window cleaning buckets and take the ladders off the truck that are needed for the job. After a quick scout around the house and a well thought out plan from Mike, we get to work outside. I usually take the second floor while Mike follows me below on the first floor. Sharkey Shines works quick and precisely, making sure no window are forgotten or overlooked. After we wrap up outside, we go inside to help Loretta and Lisa finish the job. After multiple sweeps of the house, we all pitch in and bring the tools back outside to the truck. Lisa and Loretta are the official packers since me and my dad like to throw things where ever we want. An organized truck is much easier to unpack and reload.  After everything is packed and we sweep the outside for any stragglers (rags),  we say farewell to the customer and we are on our way. These simple processes help keep the business organized and functional. Like my dad says, " If you find the best way to do something, do it that way every single time and you got yourself a winning process".
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