Why do they Call Sharkey Shines?

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Why do they Call Sharkey Shines?

When spring cleaning is sneaking around the corner, there are multiple options the home owners have to choose from. There are plenty of "top class" commercial window washing and cleaning companies that claim they can get the job done and at competitive prices. Well that sounds pretty good to me but for some odd reason they call Sharkey Shines, the humble, family-owned window cleaning company. Not only that, they proceed to tell their friends about us and spread our name to their neighbors. I'll tell you why they choose to call us instead of the hundreds of larger and more impressive companies. It is all simply in our process. The way we do things at Sharkey Shines, and the issues that we spend the most time and energy on, are what our customers fall in love with. First off, we treat cleaning windows with some serious gusto. These other companies may seem like the real deal until they clean your window and forget about the rest. At Sharkey Shines, we believe that the entire pane and woodwork is part of the window and so naturally, the entire area should be cleaned. This means the glass, all the aluminum or wood surrounding the area, shutters, sills, and inserts are also included. Dirt and debris can cover these things and sometimes they are even filthier than the windows themselves. Sharkey Shines also knows that the process of cleaning the windows can leave behind dirty water stains and dust, so we use drop cloths and clean up our mess so that the job is done professionally and is truly a Sharkey Shine! Aside from actually doing the job well, Sharkey Shines has yet another attribute that cannot be matched. Even after superb service and reasonable prices, customers call Sharkey Shines furthermore for our impeccable sense of integrity. Would you trust some window cleaning company in your house for a day all alone without you there? Could you feel comfortable leaving your keys for them? Well plenty of our customers do. We have done jobs for multiple celebrities and we have been able to develop a close relationship with them.They can trust us to be respectful to their house and their belongings even when they are not there. Some customers will happily leave us the check without even seeing the finished job because they trust that it will be done just as well as the last time. That is why they call Sharkey Shines, and that is why we answer with integrity every time.
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