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Sharkey Shines in a Nutshell

If there is one thing that families trust, it is a family business, serving families. Sharkey Shines has grown immensely from the one man local job that it started as. Mike Sharkey, was working for Cardone for years and proved to be a great worker. But the conditions of the economy could not be avoided and Mike was among the hundreds of employees that were layed off. I remember receiving the news and being horrified. I was already picturing our family living on the streets but my Mike and Loretta saw it as a chance for God to do something great. I could not believe it when my parents took us all out to eat as a celebration for my dad losing his job. God was soon at work though, and Mike and Loretta saw an opportunity in window washing and house cleaning. After a few ups and downs and learned mistakes, Dirt Busters, (Which was our original name), was well on its feet with trusted customers all around the Pennsylvania area. The name was changed to Sharkey Shines when Mike learned that Dirt Busters was being used by another company.  But the name stuck and the quality and customer satisfaction that Mike and Loretta had learned through their previous jobs, shined through in every house they cleaned every window they washed. Knowing how important it was, they started me and Ross early on as children by bring us to jobs and showing us what the meaning of true service was. When we were old enough, we gratefully joined the business and learned what was expected of good employees. Even my brother Ross is back in the business and working as partner with my father.He has experience in working with the city of Philadelphia as aconcierge and knows all about serving others with reputed integrity.  We started in 2000 as a shaky idea hanging off a ledge of faith. Now we have grown to a business of impressive size and unmatched reputation with multiple celebrity customers and businesses trusting Sharkey Shines with their homes. It is not our competetive prices that have customers calling us back every year. It is the simple, but strong sense of service and willingness to satisfy our customers and get the job done right every single time. Sharkey Shines will never cut any corners as long as our business stands and as our customers continue to trust us, we will treat their families as our family would want to be treated.
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