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What's new at Sharkey Shines? Carpet Cleaning!
Come home from vacation to a clean house! Party cleaning, too!
New vehicle, new logo and new signs for Sharkey Shines!
Change is Good!
Are you a recent empty nester?


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What's new at Sharkey Shines? Carpet Cleaning!

So many times when a new realtor was asking about our services, the number one question was, "Do you clean carpets?" We used to say, "No", but now we say "Yes!"

We've added carpet cleaning to the list of services we provide, because we want to be your full-service cleaning company! 

So, here's a rundown of everything we can help you with:

  Window Washing
  Power Washing
  Gutter Cleaning
  Carpet Cleaning
  Chandelier Cleaning
  Heavy Duty House Cleaning

Come home from vacation to a clean house! Party cleaning, too!

Vacations can be stressful!  You've heard the expression, "I need a vacation to recover from my vacation"!

Sharkey Shines can come to rescue!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to enter your home upon returning from vacation, and be greeted with a freshly cleaned, sparking, great smelling home?

You're not dreaming! It can be a reality for you!

One of the awesome services Sharkey Shines, LLC can provide for you is to do a deep, heavy-duty cleaning of your home while you and your family are on vacation!

New vehicle, new logo and new signs for Sharkey Shines!

Sharkey Shines has been blessed to add another vehicle!

Winter was hard on our company this year. We had two vehicles die on us this year. Fortunately, we acquired another van, which we've been using for all the work for the past three months. This, however, has been holding us back, as we haven't been able to double up work as we have in the past. But not any longer!

This past weekend, we were able to acquire a 2001 Volvo wagon. It runs excellent, and we were able to get it at a lower price due to it's high mileage.

Change is Good!

Changes are happening at Sharkey Shines!

This past winter, our son and employee, Ross, took a vacation in Idaho to visit his brother and family. While he was gone, our part-time employee, Terrance, filled in for him. While working with him, we provided Terrance with a lot of training in house cleaning, as he had formerly only been hired and trained to do window washing.

When Ross returned from HIS vacation, me and Mike went on OUR vacation! Ross and Terrance filled in for us while we were gone. Our clients were all pleased, and Ross was very impressed with Terrance's work.

Are you a recent empty nester?

Have you recently become an empty nester? We know what it's like to be an empty nester; we've recently become empty nesters ourselves! If your situation is like ours, just your children are gone, but all their stuff is not!
If that is the case, Sharkey Shines works closely with professionals in related fields such as professional organizers and  hauling companies to get your house back to a comfortable state. After all the clutter is gone, we can then come in and give your home a good, thorough cleaning, which will help to make you feel better about your home being "empty"!

Lots of new policies and improvements at Sharkey Shines!

Over the past several months, we have made lots of changes and improvements to our cleaning processes. We have also shifted the focus of our business more toward one-time cleanings, like real estate cleaning, move in move out cleaning, seasonal or Spring cleaning, and post-construction clean-up.

One of our new cleaning processes involves using a three-color rag system. Each color rag is used with a specific cleaning product. For example, yellow is used with Tub & Tile, blue is used with Clear Power Glass Cleaner, and green is used with Tough and Tender all-purpose cleaner.

Enjoy your Summer Vacation even MORE!

How would you like to come home from vacation to a CLEAN HOUSE??!! Wouldn't that be AWESOME!?

Well, it can happen! And we can make it happen for you! Sharkey Shines will come and clean your home while you are away on vacation!

We know how hectic it can be right before you go on vacation; packing, planning, shopping, boarding pets, etc. Cleaning your house is the LAST thing on your mind! But, it's the FIRST thing on OUR mind!

The Sharkey Shines' team will come to your home with all our toxin-free cleaning products and clean your home from top to bottom!

Water, Water Everywhere

 Water, Water Everywhere

    I turned my head to the left and gazed at the never ending sea of blue water and debris. The crystal blue water seemed to fight against the griminess of the debris and trash. “It’s amazing” my brother’s broke against the stillness of the morning. “The water has never been this clear” he muttered in amazement. His eye brows slouched down as his brain tried to find a reason.
It was 2200 and the end of the world.
You might’ve imagined the end of the world to look barren, dry, filled with empty nuclear devices and charred craters in the ground.

2013 Here we go!

The year of 2012 has been a crazy one. We here at Sharkey Shines agree that the blessings were plentiful and much appreciated.   From working through winter days so frigid that the solution was freezing up on the windows, to scorching summer days that left us burned and exhausted, we have been blessed to receive so many loyal customers and plenty of work. In the year of 2012, Sharkey Shines completed countless jobs without any complaints or negative comments from any customers. We are very excited to usher in the new year as it means yet another opportunity for us to chase away dirt and making things shine.

Spin Spin Spin

Every hour of every day, another American is diagnosed with MS -- we need to take action now to help the growing number of people affected by this disease. Sharkey Shines will be riding in Bike MS: City to Shore (also known as the MS150) to help the 13,000 local people living with this devastating disease. 

Today, there is no cure for MS, but we're fighting to change that. This is why I am writing to you: I need your help and support. 

This year, I've set a personal goal of raising $2000.
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